The story began in 1986:

After years off begging to have a dog off my own to train,(not a hunting dog as I had grown up with) As my father is a hunter and we always had about 2-4 dogs in the house.
I was given a Golden Retriver male puppie named "Dino"
He was my companion and flower for almost 14 wonderful years!!
He will never be forgotten! Bredagårdens Dino, forever in my heart!
After Dino my life have bin filled with some great working dog mixes as Labrador/rodeshian,
Labrador/bodercollie, German shepherd and a Aussie. All my first dogs was large breeds and I whanted something smaler somthing with out to mutch fur, I was looking for a outgoing dog that could be an allrounder as I like to do diffrent activitys as well as taking easy some days, a dog that had a history of being a great child friend as I was planing for children my self...




The first staffordshirebull terrier enterd my life! I fell in love totaly!

I started to apply for my kennel prefix.
unfortenly it would take a couple off more years before my kennel prefix was aproved.(I had bad imagination of kennel names)

I started as an aide in  obediance classes at GMBK ( Gothenburg&Möndals working dogs clubb)

I started to compet in obediance and tracking with my Staffie / Troja.

2004 I've had my first litter
  I've started as an obediance-trainer in a club named
Orust dog owner clubb(Ohf)
2004-2007  Obdience-responsible in the club SSBTK.
(staffordshire bullterrier club) together with Camilla Thörner.
2005 I've started a two year long breeder-education at the Swedish Kennel club
2006 Finaly got my own kennel prefix  in Januari 2007
2007 I've started a one year long dogtrainer-education
at "Hunden hus" (The Dogs House)  I have a Diploma

I worked at the company "Hund Reviret", as a dog-trainer and as consult

2009 suppleant in the Swedish Staffordshire bullterrier club.
  Obdience-responsible in the  SSBTK Clubb with
Anna Hjulström and Camilla Törner.
  I was on a great seminar  with Mr and Ms Wyrefare from England, in Odense/ Danmark.
  I was on a seminar  with Robert D. Cikota about Demodex, allergics and skin problems. The seminar was so good as I had to go twice to be shure not to miss anything.
  I've got my first import bitch from Holland, and a second one from Russia this year.

I've started my own company called in Kungälv.
There I have obediance Classes, private lessons and Consultation about dog agression among others. In the company I also sell special made signs in wood.

2010 I  finished my show-education at the Swedish Kennel club, End have now the cerificate to orange offical dog shows at the swedish kennel clubb.

 I was on a seminar  about the staffordshire breed history, the moment and the staffordshires future, with Mr and Ms  Lee they have one of the oldest prefix in England " Constones"


I went to South Africa and visit the  Boheringer kennel. The Muller has one of the oldest prefixes in SA "44"years! Great people!


I imported 2 male dogs from Holland 1 male from Russia & 1 bitch from England as I whant to improve the blood with "not" hot/modern blood line, but with pedigrees whide apart for importent outcrosses in the future.


I Judged my first inofficial show, diffrent terriers at OHF.


I whent to a massage and stretching class for dogs, as I whant to lurn more about anatomi and how I can give my dogs the best treatment there is to give.


I whent to visit Julia Arbuthnot in France to descuss the helth in the breed and to get more conections with the people that has bin with the breed for a long time... As they have so mutch information to give.


 I whent to a education in anatomy and assessment course by the Swedish terrier clubb.